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  • Finn Jones: I've read what happens to Loras and that's a pretty good way to go, but I don't want to spoil it.
  • Interview: That sounds like a spoiler.
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You’ve spent months lying to us about what we’re hunting out here, and now when it’s clear it can’t possibly succeed, you want to keep lying? - Billy Bones // ep. 1.01

Ramin Karimloo at curtain call. Les Misérables 03/23/14, Imperial Theatre.

Ramin Karimloo at curtain call.
Les Misérables 03/23/14, Imperial Theatre.

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♕  F  I  R  E   A N D  B  L  O  O  D


  F  I  R  E   A N D  B  L  O  O  D

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You know, of course, the story of the marriage between Njord and Skadi? Skadi was a giantess. Her father was killed. […] The gods conferred and agreed that Skadi could choose a husband among them, but they made one condition: that she chose him by his feet. And Skadi lost no time in choosing the most shapely pair of feet, believing they would naturally belong to Balder, the most handsome of the gods. But they belonged to the God Njord, the lord of seafarers and sea harvests. His skin was old and weathered.

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 Dmitry Savin

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The Perks Of Being Pretty Much The Same As The Popular Kids And Doing Basically The Same Things But Listening To The Smiths And Not Liking Football

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Band of Brothers Personality Typology:

"Doc" Roe (INFJ, “The Confidant”) || Harry Walsh (ESTP, “The Persuader”) || Richard Winters (ENFJ, “The Mentor”) || Joseph Liebgott (ENTJ, “The Chief”) || Carwood Lipton (ISFJ, “The Defender”) || Ronald Spiers (INTJ, “The Mastermind”)

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