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Dawn — Dario Marianelli


Dario Marianelli - Dawn

It reminds me why I chose Dauntless in the first place: not because they are perfect, but because they are alive. Because they are f r e e .

  favourite spartacus moments: 2.06 chosen path


One of the crowning unspoken achievements of FDTD to me is how they play out the concept of a “nice guy” in a supernatural fantasy setting, especially considering the fact that the women in this scenario would be considered by many to be a villain.

Santanico has had this dude orbit her for 500 years straight. She’s said herself that he doesn’t actually truly love her, but worships her. He falls to her every whim because he thinks that by doing so, she will love him back. She does love him deeply, just not in the way that he truly wants her to. 

Eventually, she finds a cute, cool guy that she actually wants to be with that she feels can see her for who she really is and actively expresses that she feels that he fills a role that Carlos can’t play for her, and rather than move the fuck on, Carlos throws a hissy fit and basically sides with the men who have been actively oppressing her for 500 years. He HITS her and blames her for her own suffering because she won’t be with him.

And what is interesting about this is that it doesn’t just casually play out. It’s CALLED OUT. Santanico’s speech about how Carlos has deluded himself into calling what he feels for her love when he is really being selfish. Richie telling him that he “got dumped” and needs to get over it. Santanico realizing that she’s been betrayed looking him in the eye and calling him out for siding with her captorS BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T PUT OUT FOR HIM.

 The cherry on top is watching this vampire construction of a nice guy and while he’s going on about what a super dude he is for worshipping Santanico, he’s running around abusing women and feeding them to the nine lords. You actually see him  behind the scenes being a sexist dickhole who clearly doesn’t respect women. It’s not about Carlos and his mainpain and “oh all Santanico needed to do was realize that he was always there for her”. No. The show builds him up, discusses and deconstructs his nice guy tendencies, and then in the last two episodes, COMPLETELY call him out for it.

All while making the woman who would normally be seen as a “slutty temptress” into a protagonist with a well deserved POV. 

Basically FDTD, a stupid bloody vampire supernatural fantasy based on a cheesy 1990’s cult film clearly written for men does a better job calling out sexism and nice guy bullshit than so many shows, especially any other vampire show I can think of where the dude would be so easily sympathized with in the narrative and the girl in this situation would be an “insensitive bitch”.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) — Sleeping At Last

I stole auditions when I was in school in Boston. I just made a fucking fake resume and walked into an audition and said, “Hi, yeah. I’m supposed to be here.”